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izDr. Liz Jelinek is a Life and Health Coach, and Best Selling Author of Health and Wellness Today. Liz is a trauma expert, who specializes in inherited trauma. She studied trauma with the world’s experts—German Berthold Ulsamer, specialist in Systemic Constellations and Somatic Experiencing, and from famous American trauma specialists, Systemic Traumatologist Anngwyn St. Just and Peter Levine, creator of Somatic Experiencing (SE®). In her early years in constellations, Liz studied Systemic Family Constellations with every one of the original Constellations Facilitators who learned directly from Bert Hellinger—and she also studied with Hellinger himself. In addition, she learned from Americans Ed Lynch, Dan Booth Cohen, Francesca Mason Boring, and many others.

Dr Jelinek has a PhD from California Institute of Integral Studies—her dissertation is Epigenetics: the Transgenerational Transmission of Ancestral Trauma, Experiences and Behaviors—as Seen in Systemic Family Constellations. She has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and undergraduate degrees including a Bachelor of Theology of Natural Healing and Ancient Religions, BA in Theatre Arts, and a BA in Psychology. She holds certificates in Alcohol and Drug Treatment, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, and Mindfulness Meditation, and has over 30 years experience in helping others.