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There are No Good nor Bad Birth Charts

The Birth Chart Illustrates an Individual’s Potential

Good Choices Result in Success and Happiness!

Dr. Liz is one of the nation’s leading experts in psychological astrology. Psychological astrology is unique in that it illustrates the individual’s personality traits, strengths and challenges. Psychological astrology is not the same as predictive astrology; it does not suggest timing of future events, but rather presents the individual’s talents as well as any potential limitations. The birth chart is a map of possibilities from which the individual is free to make choices. There are no bad charts, only poor choices.

Some people consult an astrologer because they want a road map to the future—when or if they will marry, and if they’ll make lots of money. People consult Dr. Liz for assistance in using their birth chart to determine their best road to success! Liz helps her clients to make great choices so they achieve SUCCESS in wealth, health, and happiness!

Liz’ proven method of evaluating the charts of couples can help them to determine if marriage is a good choice, thereby helping her clients to avoid relationships that would lead to the heartache of separation or divorce.

She offers birth charts and psychological profiles of new infants as well as older children, and offers assistance to families with challenging relationships with their children. Using information from the birth charts of all family members, she assists with healing family problems.

Using the birth charts of problem pets and their owners, Dr. Liz can assist pet owners to overcome behavior problems of their fury friends, and help to restore order to their households.

Watch for the availability of Liz’s lectures and workshops on psychological astrology as well as excerpts from her upcoming book, Astrology: A Step by Step Guide to Astrology for Beginners.