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Business, Personal, and Wellness Coach

Are you tired of working for someone else? Do you have a dream you’d love to create? Liz will help you develop entrepreneurial skills and will show you how to take your ideas and turn them into money-making ventures. Liz loves to work with forward thinking risk-takers—individuals who thrive on invention and see the opportunities others overlook. She’ll encourage you to develop your entrepreneurial skills and will support your dreams! Liz is a personal and business coach who has run her own business for over 25 years. She’ll help you to see new possibilities and to unearth unmet needs in the marketplace. With Liz’s guidance you’ll learn how to build your business and help others while getting rich. With Liz’s help you will be a great SUCCESS!

Dr. Liz Jelinek is a Best Selling Author, a Business, Personal, and Wellness Coach, therapist, speaker, and educator. She is dedicated to making the world a better place and helping her clients to create happy and successful lives! Liz has been a freelance writer for many years, on a wide variety of topics for various newspapers, magazines and journals on health, wellness, science, medicine and even astrology—and was also a theatre critic for many years for several local newspapers. Prior to changing career paths from the performance arts to the helping professions, Liz spent many exciting and successful years in the theatre, working as a Producer, Director, Actor and Designer, for which she won numerous awards for acting, directing, and producing.

Liz is the Founder and Director of the MIDWEST INSTITUTE FOR SYSTEMIC CONSTELLATIONS, which offers training in Systemic Constellations for facilitators and therapists, workshops for the public. She works with individuals in person and by Skype to heal ancestral traumas, to help clients to create happy and successful lives!

Liz is CEO of The Institute for Creative Dynamics, her newest venture, which stresses her expertise as a personal, business, and wellness coach. The ICD offers graduate level Continuing Education and Certification for Coaches, Therapists, Social Workers, and Psychologists. Watch Liz’s Blogs and Videos on a variety of topics as new discoveries are introduced in business, science and medicine.

She has a broad educational background that covers many different disciplines—from NLP, psychology, Mindfulness, and Personal Training and Wellness Coaching, and is a Jack Canfield Certified Coach. Liz recently signed a book deal to co-author a book with world-renowned author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Jack Canfield. Her next book is ready Fall of 2016 about Systemic Constellations, Epigenetics, and the Science of the Brain.